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November 10, 2012

The Depths

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Please read, this is will worth a little of your time. 

The Depths
or Putting a Closed Sign on The Depths Due to Lack of Patronage
by Ghostfighter Radio’s Bookie
     I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m tired. The last four and a half years have been a slog through the
 deepest bowels of Perdition. The Depths, the name I’ve given this hole of humanity, is a smokey joint with billy-stick-tapping Black Panthers standing guard at the entrance like black-clad scarecrows. Inside this cavernous honky tonk, lit only by open flame, young women openly sell their bodies in exchange for vague ideological comforts that assure them the only thing that gives them control of their bodies is to have someone else pay for the needs and consequences of unrestrained sex. From elevated pulpits, dubious men of the cloth scream out damnation for the country that protects their right to hurl insults at a government or at a leader. Greasy-haired youth cluster in corners as they hold up signs decrying the amount they paid for a degree that doesn’t even qualify them to run the fryer at a fast food restaurant and shout slogans demanding someone else pay for that education by taking from the successful people who had better sense than to major in Hispanic Gay Transgender Issues. Young mothers barely old enough to tie their shoes stand in a line marked ‘Most Vulnerable’ while far-too-many-to-count small children that no one seems to be paying any attention get too close to the flames. Well-dressed men and women with microphones marked with media logos mill about the throngs, pausing occasionally to clandestinely pocket the currency of their desires, then put the microphone to their lips to passionately deliver the purchased talking points. Politicians work the crowd like a campaign event, each promising that if you vote for them, they will bring social justice and a holiday basket of free stuff they will extract from another demographic, then chuckle under their breath that the only cost to the voter will be their liberty. And when I ask how I got there, a chorus, synched like a scarlet-robed church choir, belts out the repetitive one-word refrain: “Racist!”
Yeah, I’m tired. But I am not beaten.
Even though I had no illusions that life would ever again return to normal, whatever normal is, I did hope we could slow down the out-of-control rave engulfing us so we could have some time to start repairing the decades of damage done by lampshade dancers and con-men buying votes to keep themselves at the party. I had hoped we could place some key people who care about this country into the seats that should be occupied by our ‘public servants’ and not by professional politicians.
Sure, we hoped for a Romney win, even if he wasn’t our ideal candidate. We hoped for a better showing in
Congress. We hoped for a stay of execution. Hope, as a useful tool, is still worth as much as it has been
for the last four years. In fact, I’m beginning the think that earthly hope is the refuge of the unimaginative,
the last beach head of denial, the final watering hole for the perpetually unprepared before drought.
Excessive metaphors aside, maybe hope is simply overrated.
Now what?
A couple of friends asked me to write down some of the possible recourses we discussed the other
night about what to do now that it looks like this country has turned into the service department
for The Depths.
First and foremost, if you are so inclined, pray. Pray like success depends on God and work like it
depends on you. The work we choose, however, should always be to follow God’s directions without
fear or timidity. There is no job too big for God.
I remind myself often that the founders were faced with insurmountable odds. General Washington
lost all his first battles. Fortunately, he didn’t throw up his hands and mutter, “I give up.” Instead he
lifted his face to the Heavens and beseeched the Creator’s guidance. Divine Providence must have heard,
because all the losses, the miscommunications, the intercepted dispatches and hardships suffered all
worked in tandem to set into motion the necessary events that brought victory against the largest and
most well-armed military in the world. There is no job too big for God.
Prayer, to me, is the very first action we must take and take every single day as we put one foot in front
of the other to follow God’s direction. Glenn Beck said once that he had told God to speak plainly to him
since he was one of God’s dumb children. I identify. Don’t be discouraged if it seems you aren’t getting
a clear message about what you should do. My dad, a retired minister, has often told me that
God does not reveal His plans to us until we need to know them, because if He did, we’d try to improve them.
My dad is a wise man. God will tells us, softly or loudly, when the time comes. In the meantime,
if you don’t feel you’re hearing or seeing any definite plan, follow the soft directions He lays on your heart.
It’s there. When you get busy, you’ll find it.
Network with local like-minded people. Let each person hear in their heart the path they feel suits them best.
There are plenty of avenues to explore and many different roles to play. We need researchers, activists, writers,
bold speakers, organizers…the list is endless. Everyone has God-given talents. Use them. Combine them to
support one another. One person’s research shared with others will spread to more people who can then
apply it in their situation. Work together. Disagree in love and common purpose. Don’t let anger or
frustrations or a desire for your own way divide you. Always remember what is at stake. Is destroying
unity with ego or unkind words worth it? Nah, I didn’t think so.
Educate yourself about the Constitution, so that you know it so well, you can speak in accurate terms
and articles. Read good originalist Constitutional scholars. Read the Federalist Papers.
Heck, read the Anti-Federalist Papers. That’ll give you an idea about the pitfalls the founding generation saw,
then find the responses to their concerns in the Federalist Papers.
Read the Constitutional Convention Records and debates. Read old Congressional Records.
Start with the First Congress and find the sections that discuss how to implement the Constitution.
Remember, the early Congresses had the guys who wrote the Constitution around to consult.
Move on to read the 2nd and 3rd Congressional Records, as well as all others that are pertinent to
what you’re researching. Read letters and diaries from the founders. All of these documents can be
found for free at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you don’t have an e-reader or if there is something
available for the Nook and you have a Kindle, you can download Barnes and Noble’s e-reader
software onto your computer and read away. There are other sources for these original documents too.
Use a search engine to find them.
Now that you’re an expert who can quote the Constitution like your own address, talk to anybody and
everybody that will listen. Educate, educate, educate. If you can afford to buy copies of the Constitution,
give them away like Halloween candy.
Don’t put all your eggs in Congress’s basket. Sure, write them if you want to let them know that
if they vote for something you will personally see to the demise of their public servant status.
Always remind them they’re public servants. They’re not engaged in a career on Capitol Hill,
even if they think they’re professional politicians. They are mistaken. They work for you.
Don’t expect much more than a form letter and the inner peace of knowing you did the right thing,
even if they didn’t.
Now to the nitty gritty: Turn your attention to your state legislatures and governor.
Know your state Constitution. Keep up with all bills in your legislature, because even state
legislatures do stupid as well as DC. Then as things arise in DC that you are wholly against and/
or are unconstitutional, write your state reps. Quote the Constitution to them like it’s the Riot Act.
Look for SCOTUS decisions that reiterate your point, then pound your legislators with words
straight from the horse’s mouth. For example: Reid v. Covert states that Art.II, Sec. 2, paragraph 2
cannot be used in place of, or to amend, Art.V. Neither the executive, nor the Senate, alone or combined,
can make or ratify a treaty or adopt international law that takes precedent over the Constitution.
The Constitution is the Law of the Land and no other law, treaty or organization that does not operate
under the confines of the Constitution can be put above it. Pretty clear, right? The Small Arms Treaty,
LOST and any other zippy dippy UN treaty that supercedes the Constitution is simply not possible.
The End. Well, no. Sadly. Just because neither the executive nor the Senate can do it Constitutionally
doesn’t mean they won’t lie about their authority and do it anyway.
This is where your state comes in with issues like unconstitutional treaties, as well as overreaching
laws considered or passed by Congress…or by the magic of the president’s Executive Order pen.
Educate your reps about how the Constitution works, the amendment process,
SCOTUS rulings and how nullification works, about how the states are sovereign and that claiming
the state’s Constitutional Rights is not, under any circumstances, racist or a daydream harkening
back to the Confederacy. If your legislator tries to pull that tired old trope on you, tell them to stop it now.
You’re trying to protect everyone’s rights, including theirs, and you will not play that game with
such serious matters. Be polite, but firm. Let your inner parent come out. Sometimes you have to take
a firm hand with the children, even if they’re older than you. But rudeness will shut them down.

Explain patiently, but with the authority of the Constitution and all relevant resources behind you.

Also look up Prinz v. US. It details state sovereignty and how the federal government cannot force states
into regulations or regulatory schemes without the state’s consent. Sadly, taking federal money for programs
is consent, but the majority of regulations are just issued down upon the states from DC’s Ivory Tower.
Consider how to get your state off the federal gravy train and cut out wasteful spending.
While you’re rattling around SCOTUS decisions, as bad it may pain you, read Robert’s ruling in the
healthcare case. Roberts begins the decision with a detailed lesson on the Constitution and state sovereignty.
He says plainly that states are sovereign and they should start acting like it. Your legislatures need to
hear that over and over.
Get friends and other like-minded people to do the same. Yes, it’ll take a little studying and research,
but once you get used to the language of the founders’ time, the reading gets easier and it’ll be worth
translating every ‘f’ to an ‘s’ so the word makes sense.
If one friend is good at research, encourage them to do it while you and others do other needed tasks.
If your talent is talking to legislators, take your friend’s research and make an appointment.
If you’re better with organizing rallies at the state capitol, do it. Work together. Keep broadening your
base and spread the word to increase it. Work with Tea Parties, 9-12 groups, Oath Keepers, any and all
Constitutional groups that are willing to pool resources and aid within your state.
Rally in state capitols, if need be, but whatever you do, don’t let your legislators brush you off. Be persistent,
but polite. Be firm, but friendly. Use some basic psych 101 on them. Not even Alinsky can stand up to the
truth about human nature. Appeal to them in a way they can personalize it. Bring all your points down
from the lofty heights of ideological purity to the place where those ideals actually impact and intersect
with individual lives.
Investigate or help/encourage someone to investigate how to make our voting system more secure.
Look for all the information and documentation you can find that explains how easily electronic machines
are manipulated, where and how our votes are tabulated and what protections we need at the state level
to prevent fraud. Look for alternate ways to cast votes that will be secure, simple and efficient. This is a
serious issue that needs as many working on it as possible.
We may not stop The Depths from running us off into the fiery pit, but what we have done is educate as
many people as possible about the Constitution, their rights, their state’s rights and how we cannot allow
ourselves to be talked into changing the Constitution or abolishing it, or any part of it, because of a crisis.
Psych 101 tells us that we should never make an important decision during or immediately after a crisis.
Get people to understand that we must hang onto the Constitution with everything we’ve got,
because in the end, it and Divine Providence are the only things standing between us and totalitarianism.
Remind them over and over, since the media will contradict you, that the Constitution is not corrupt.
People are. It has not failed us. People have by not following it or keeping their oaths to preserve,
protect and defend it. Be sure to point to the politicians when you say that. They were supposed to be
the guardians of our rights. They have failed us, not the Constitution, but we don’t have to fail in
educating ourselves and others. Education is the key. You can’t control educated, independent people.
These are people who can’t be lead astray by smooth operators that drip lies from their lips like honey and
promise goodies they cannot deliver. Don’t let the crisis change-mongers or ideological psy-ops agents get
away with it. Be their worst nightmare: a Constitutionally-educated teacher.
For parents with children still in school, review your children’s textbooks for errors and for misleading or
unfounded conclusions presented as truth. Attend school board meetings. Apply the same methods for
working with schools as you would with your legislatures. Be armed with truth and documentation
to back you up. You may well find a lot parents willing to join with you. We often just need one person
to stand up first. Stick to the facts and don’t let yourself be drawn into arguments with woefully
uninformed people who feel threatened by the truth. As kindly and clearly as you can, lay out your case
for why what you’re saying is in their best interest as well. You want them to enjoy the same liberty as
everyone else. Your goal is not to take anything away from them, but to give them the truth and tools
so they and you can join together in seeing your children raised to be educated, independent men and
women of character. You want only the best for everyone, because…well, it’s true. When we protect
another person’s unalienable rights, even those of people we don’t agree with, we protect our own.
When more children succeed, society thrives. Again, appeal to them on a level where how promoting
the ideals of liberty and responsibility effects them and their children personally. As with anyone you speak
with, if you are rebuffed, walk away, shake the dust of the village missing their idiot off your feet,
but don’t give up praying for them to open their eyes. You planted the seed. Pray God will make it grow.
This battle for the soul of America is far from over. In fact, it’s just now really beginning.
We’ve tried all peaceful avenues to the federal level and at times, to the state level.
Now we focus on drawing a line in the sand around our state. Will the agents of change cross it? Most likely.
And when they do, we have the right to defend ourselves and our best defense is a good offense:
Educated people and states that just say no.
These are just some of our ideas and ways to approach them. You may not agree with all of them or
you may have better ideas. I’m sure many of you can think of things I’ve overlooked. Please share any
suggestions or thoughts you may have with this group and others. We must and can work together in
the spirit of a common goal that includes everyone of all races, creeds and color. Don’t despair.
The demographics of this country has not shifted further left. Seriously, it hasn’t. We are not alone and
we are still the majority. But even if they have gone left by some weird voodoo spell since the 2010 Midterms,
we still must stand in the light of truth and justice and pray like success depends on God,
but work like it depends on us.
Above all, don’t give up. Please. General Washington would be sorely disappointed.
When I get to the afterlife, I’m not telling him that I gave up because of a lost battle or the enemy was too big.
Will you? Let me know if that’s your plan, because I want to take cover.
God Bless America and each and everyone of you.
bookie and Ghostfighter Radio

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