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December 26, 2012

SO…they wanted them to vote on something they didn’t even let them read !!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO…they wanted them to vote on


they didn’t even let

them read !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email from

 The Tea Party


Dear Patriot,
Due to the holiday, we chose to sit on a story that perfectly illustrates exactly why our nation desperately needs to upset the political system. After Republicans in the House refused to pass a piece of legislation that had been crafted behind closed doors, without any input, the Republican establishment threw a hissy fit.

Republican Rep. Steven LaTourette said that Boehner is not to blame for the stalemate, the Tea Party is.“I don’t know what the number is but say the number is 40 out of 240 – that’s not a repudiation of his leadership. That’s the same 40, 50 chuckleheads that all year … have screwed this place up. And he has done everything in his power to make nice to them, to bring them along, to make them feel included, but it hasn’t mattered,” he said.

Let’s see why Congessman LaTourette thinks our people are screwing things up:

1. Our Congressman won’t vote for legislation they don’t have an opportunity to read and study.

2. Our Congressman refuse to play stupid political games with the President.

3. Our people actively engage their elected Representatives even after the election, forcing elitist idiots like LaTourette to explain the laws they pass.

At first we were just going to ask each of you to let Congressman LaTourette know that he is an establishment hack who should remember that we didn’t elect Congressman to “make nice” and to get brought along, or even to feel included. We sent them to find out exactly what the hell was wrong with Washington and the existence of Congressman LaTourette only highlights that the problem is far worse than we imagined. Then we figured, why waste our energy on an idiot like LaTourette now, when we have several PAC’s that should go after him in a primary.

This is exactly why your support of this organization is so critical. I’m proud that establishment hacks like LaTourette think that we have “screwed this place up”. The political system is broken and our organization has been able to politely reject any kind of co-opting by the establishment because we don’t answer to them, we answer to you! Please help us keep “screwing Congress up” by making a contribution HERE.

We are changing this country and that is no small project. The problems go far deeper than we had ever imagined and we are going to need an even larger coalition to make a difference. In the last 3 years we have grown from an organization representing a few thousand well informed patriots to an organization that represents millions. We will continue to recruit as many good Americans as it takes until sanity once again reigns in the halls of power!

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