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December 25, 2010

SCOTUS calls John Jay a liar!

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Today’s SCOTUS must acknowledge this historical fact

or call John Jay a liar!

The very first SCOTUS Chief Justice was John Jay. Now isn’t it supposed to be true that John Jay sent a letter dated 7/25/1787 to George Washington addressing the qualifications to be president and to be specific Natural Born Citizen and the very important role NBC means to the office of the president and Commander of the military.

I found this comment here

I understand Natural Born Citizen. What I just proposed is a historical aspect or angle of view I never heard before until it was brought to my attention.

Look at it this way. Many people will give credit to Vattel for “Natural Born Citizen” but what has been (I believe) often overlooked is John Jay’s role of “Natural Born Citizen” as it pertains to the U.S. Constitution!

And John Jay was the first U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice. This has to have some weight at the SCOTUS level for validating Natural Born Citizen as being born to a mother and father both of whom are U.S. citizens in the eye’s of today’s SCOTUS.

 Today’s SCOTUS must acknowledge this historical fact or call John Jay a liar! And this gives credence to Chief Justice Morrison Waite who also validated Natural Born Citizen. This also gives more credence to those of us who know the current SCOTUS is in violation of it’s Constitutional duties by deliberately ignoring and evading U.S. citizens who seek a once and for all understanding of Natural Born Citizen being defined as our Founding Fathers intended it to be defined which is Vattel’s definition.

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