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June 26, 2010

More Proof that an Article II “natural born Citizen” is one born to “Citizen” Parents, Discovered in the Library of Congress Website!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Proof that an Article II “natural born Citizen” is one born to “Citizen” Parents, Discovered in the Library of Congress Website!

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Via CDR Kerchner and; Proof that the Founders of our nation knew in 1781 (prior to the adjectives ‘natural born’ being used in Article II of the U.S. Constitution to describe what type of Citizen was eligible to be the President and Commander of the Military). The founders totally understood that the French term ‘naturels’ used by Vattel’s the Law of Nations meant ‘natural born’ in English. And as Vattel clearly defined in The Law of Nations, Vol.1, Chapter 19, Section 212 (Des citoyens et naturels) “naturels” citizens were those born in the country to two parents who were citizens of the country. Thus this proves clearly what the Founders of our nation intended the term ‘natural born Citizen’ to mean when it was inserted into the U.S. Constitution in Article II to replace the prior language suggested by Hamilton which only required a “born Citizen” for the eligibility standard for the President and Commander of the Military. Thus it is clear from the evolution of the eligibility standard in Article II that the founders wanted something stronger, a “strong check” per John Jay, for the office of the President to prevent any foreign influence or allegiance claims at birth from a foreign country on the person who would be a future President of the new nation when the founders were gone. They thus changed the requirement from a person who was simply a “born Citizen of the United States” to a “natural born Citizen of the United States”. And the adjectives “natural born” was known and understood by them to mean sole allegiance at birth to one nation as Vattel defined in his legal treatise, The Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law, first published in 1758 in French and reprinted as a new edition in French and which was sent to the founders in 1775 by Dumas of the Netherlands, the editor of the new 1775 edition. The founders were fluent in French which was the diplomatic language of the time. More on this from CDR Kerchner here, more from below.

See also: Citizenship terms used in the U.S. Constitution and definition and legal references for same, also embedded below:

Charles Kerchner

Via; – Absoloute Proof the Founding Fathers knew and accepted the definition of Vattel`s use of the French Naturels was natural born in English not native born!!!! – Found in the Library of Congress Website – …continued here.

Citizenship Terms Used in the U.S. Constitution – The 5 Terms Defined & Some Legal Reference to Same


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