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June 5, 2011

Atty Stephen Pidgeon Found Record of Name Change for Barack Obama in British Columbia – 6/3/11

Atty Stephen Pidgeon Found Record of Name Change for Barack Obama in British Columbia – 6/3/11


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  1. Obama is not even a citizen now! I am a retired principal financial worker for Hennepin County Minneapolis. I’m also adopted. I can assure you that the place of birth cannot be changed, even if you are adopted. The place and time ofbirth, hospital etc… will always stay the same, only the name of adopted parents are added. He’s using someone elses SS#. That is what all the Mexican’s do when they need to work. They use their cousin;s SS#, and the cousin gets credit on their SS#, and the person in question, gets to work.
    He was placed in the ofice by the crooked Builderberg Group. He gave that Economic Recovery Money to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, The bank did not pay money back. The govm’t printed up a lot of money, devaluated the dollar, and the Federal Reserve has been buying up all the banks. The people take out money and buy silver and nore bankes are availanle,
    The Federal Reserve will be the NEW WORLD BANK. Chip in your hand and rockafeller, the only renaining banker will take what noney(interest or?0 while we sleep. That is our money, and we already paid it and they built underground bunkers with it, and will collect more ntaxes from us for the debt. Reverse mortgages will be theirs. Meanwhile the are trying to kill us with HAARP weather disasters, Chem trails,or kill us in concentration camps. They have Guillotines. Why did our forefathers come here. Marei Antoinette was the last one guillotines. It makes my blood run cold. Something must be done.Please do what ever you can… Maybe we should put up series uf signes like the old burma shave signed all across America. A series of signs with one or two words on each low to the ground getsattn.

    Comment by marcia carson — August 7, 2011 @ 9:14 am | Reply

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